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Data East's BreakThru for Amiga computers.

(Version 1.1)

Your Mission: To retrieve the PK430 secret fighter plane stolen from your country and fly it back. There is no time to weigh our options, you must drive deep into enemy territory to recover the PK430 using the military’s most advanced land vehicle, capable of leaping high into the air at the push of a button. This is a one-way trip pilot, you’re coming back home in that fighter jet, or not at all.

Gameplay: Breakthru is a horizontal shoot 'em up where the player controls an armed vehicle, with the first button shooting the main gun while the second button is used for jumping. During levels the player must face off against enemy soldiers, turrets and vehicles, as well as various obstacles along the way. The player can run over drums and crates, while other obstacles will cause the player to lose a life, so you must either avoid or jump over them. 

Keep a look out for powerups that give access to a powerful three-way gun, but time will be limited and you must jump high to obtain them, else they will be captured by the enemy.

Score extra lives on 20k, 40k, 60k, 80k and 100k

P - Pause/Un-pause game

M - Return to title screen 

ESC - Quit to desktop from the title screen.


Recommended Requirements:

2 button controller (essential requirement)

An Amiga with at least 1MB Chip and 1MB of either chip, fast or slow ram.

Any cpu at running at 14MHz or better (fast ram and harddrive highly recommend, else you will experience slowdowns)

Currently, an Amiga .adf file is available. You can simply drag the disk to your desktop, to install on your hard drive, then run the exe.  CD32 version may be available in the future.

Please visit whdload.de for the latest HDD installer.

(Disclaimer: Please use this file at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any damage it may cause. However, there really should be no issue whatsoever). 

Also works with an emulator such as WinUAE.


Massive thank you to everyone who has donated, left comments, reviews and suggestions to date. This motivates future updates and projects.


Changes:  v1.1

  • Tweaks to fire tank, flame vanishes immediately when destroyed.
  • Fixed occasional crashing when helicopter is onscreen.
  • Fixed scores now register if game beaten on 2nd loop. 
  • Fixed powerup properly deactivating after game over.
  • Added sound effects.

To Do:

  • CD32 version
  • Any bug fixes and adjustments required


Created with Erik Hogan's amazing Scorpion Engine.

Any donations will be forwarded onto the SCN8A Charity (Home | SCN8A UK & Ireland) and help motivate further development. thank you.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

breakthru_amiga_v1_1.adf 880 kB


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Thanks for the update mate. Looking forward for the CD32 release!

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Very nice and clean arcade conversion! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 04:04:36. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Can't wait to see more of your work on BreakThru, did a video on it, hoping we get more fans of this one showing you support.

Hello and thanks for your video.

I can confirm the game is released as complete, with all 5 stages. Only updates would be minor or bug fixes. Cheers!

That is AWESOME! I will get an update to that video out ASAP. Thank you for the reply and beautiful work on a forgotten game I had forgotten here and there (search kept bringing up the puzzle game by Alexey 😂).

As one of our readers reported, the game does not start from A4000 030EC:


Ok, this is the first time hearing of the game non starting on 030EC. Will look into the issue and see what's happening. Many thanks for the report.

It would be perfect if the music/sound  got some attention. Such a good port deserves a bit of attention to make it as near arcade as possible. Can also try and help fix that :)

Hi thanks for downloading!

The audio is pretty much taken from arcade source. Can only use 3 of the available 4 channels for music, the last channel reserved for sfx.

JMD had to squash multiple channels into 3, think he did a great job on the whole. The interludes especially sound very near arcade perfect.

Good effort but it could be done alot better. Its a rather small fix but a big discrepancy for anyone who knows the game arcade game. If the music is in tracker format, i can show you exactly what i mean by fixing it.

Very good

Good game, thank you. I also added it to my "Gameplay of New Amiga Games from January 2024" -video too.

Please upload this to Aminet in the standard AmigaOS LhA-archive format. Thanks.


Hi thanks for the comment. I will soon upload the exe files to Aminet for sure.

Awesome! Best of luck with future builds, and please don't forget to embed the standard AmigaOS $VER:-string in the binary! <3

Any way to enable the spacebar for jump?  For single button joystick users.  C64 version has this.

Am exploring this possibility, though I do recommend getting a controller with extra buttons, you will never go back ;)


Thanks Ray, with some tweaks I hope to improve in the near future.

Awesome game!

Great vid as always Saberman, much appreciated.

could we get a windows version?

No. No plans at all. It is available on Steam for Windows, however.