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SEGA's Wonderboy for Amiga computers

(Version 1.2)

Brave deep dark forests. Cross endless oceans. Endure arid deserts. All the while, fending off nasty creatures and natural disasters. Until you find her. Until you rescue your girlfriend, Tanya, from the clutches of a brutish king.

Axe, jump and skate your way through 28 levels from the arcade original.

Recommended Requirements:

An Amiga with at least 1MB Chip and 1MB of either chip, fast or slow ram.

Any cpu at running at 14MHz or better (fast ram and harddrive highly recommend)

(WinUAE tests show it will run on OCS, 68000 cpu, with some slowdowns). 

Also works with an emulator such as WinUAE.

WHDLoad Install available from whdload.de

* Added CD32 image file *


Massive thank you to everyone who has donated, left comments, reviews and suggestions to date. This motivates future updates and projects.


Changes:  v1.1

  • Tweaks to bosses, improved collision detection and minor change to animations.
  • Tweaks to enemy and obstacle collision detection.
  • Tweak to egg collision, does not bump quite as far. 
  • Fixed ESC bonus activating after continue screen.
  • Added confirmation before QUIT.
  • Added extra lives at 30k, 100k, 170k & 240k

Changes: v1.2

  • Tweaks to frog leaping mechanic (run straight at them!)
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Improved loading speeds
  • Added highscore saves

Changes: v1.2.1

  • Fixed bonus screen audio bug
  • Fixed 2 minor bugs
  • CD32 iso added

To Do:

  • Extra secret levels
  • Possibly look at camera behavior and adjustments
  • Any bug fixes required


Created with Erik Hogan's amazing Scorpion Engine.

Any donations will be forwarded onto the SCN8A Charity (Home | SCN8A UK & Ireland) and help motivate further development. thank you.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
TagsAction-Adventure, Amiga, Retro, sega, wonderboy


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Development log


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Very nice port (probably the best ever)! But... I think it can be better with a few adjustments:

1. improve inertia when jumping and leaving the joystick (arcade still had a few inertia, this port does not and Wonderboy falls vertically)

2. still a bit too floaty jump fall...

2. the fairy invincibility bonus is too short (in the arcade you are invincible even after ~1 sec she leaves the screen)

this is my constructive report ;-)

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Thanks for your comments Hexaae. The player inertia is not as brutal as the arcade, this is to allow the casual player to see a chunk of the game without too much frustration! I do appreciate others want the original player movement so will look into the possibility. 

There could at least be an update which will see the arcade style scrolling replicated far more authentically. Hopefully get round to implementing this soon.

You should be invincible right until the fairy leaves the screen, not sure what is happening there. Will test and add to the list if needed.

i can confirm compatibility thru puae2021 core on retroarch im using iphone 12 running IOS 17.4 Developer Beta in puae2021 core on retroarch go to core settings then go to system under the core settings and change around the kickstart and cpu model and automatic cd32 and this one will boot right up i also recommend googling AMIGA Forever Essentials And Paying The 4$ for the entire bios set then you can run any amiga game of course with very few settings tweaks needed in between but its easy its only 2 settings that you need to switch around for all games 

whoa this is wayy cool i have played the original and it looks alot diff the nes version also the level layout is way different are you sure this is a port or is it a demake or remake?? very good this one gets a 8.9/10 on my rating scale i will be following the alpha changelogs for this one great job 

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Glad you enjoy the port. It is a not quite 1:1 version of the original arcade game. There may be at least 1 more update in the future at some point.

nice I'll keep my eyes peeled for it :)

nice I'll keep my eyes peeled for it :)

nice I'll keep my eyes peeled for it :)

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The latest version needs 2MB chip on my machines :-/

Thanks for reporting the issue vincentgr. I have not extensively tested on real machines, personally, but did just try on winuae with an a600 1 mb chip and 1 mb fast configuration and it ran just fine. Will need to test and investigate further.

Can't really tell if this happens also from disk.

I made a WHDLoad from the generic 3.1 and does the same as if I ran the disk from WB.

It takes chip instead of fast. The older one does not and missing the first so I cannnot test it.


Our German-language review from a previous livestream  can be found here at 02:01:09. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

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The game has now made it to the world's largest game fair as one of the best of the last 12 months! We showed it to an enthusiastic audience on the Retro Stage of the Retro Area at Gamescom 2023 in Cologne. You can watch the video here starting at 00:41:12. English subtitles should be available here. 🙂

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Hi, I was wondering what font you used for the status panel numbers? It looks much nicer than the arcade font. 😍

(2 edits)

Hey there, thanks for your comment! No-one really mentioned this before but there was indeed some subtle changes to the font, though they are entirely based off the original arcade style. I believe I used the high score table font for the status bar, but changed the palette around. The zero, in particular, was made more circular and the four is a little more stylized. I felt these looked a better fit for the AMIGA version. Hope you enjoy the game :)

Thanks a lot. Good game and good job to bring it to Amiga.

Are you the same AcidBottle who wrote Spinbrixback in the day  btw....? :)

Well heyyy there m00513! Spinbrix, an underrated classic for sure haha! Hit me up in PM on English Amiga Board if you like, be good to catch up :)

loving it!!

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Awesome. Had some fun on a raspberry pi with AGS.

Would be great to get a TheA500Mini Version too. 


Many thanks for Your latest version 1.2.

With the ADF version it works on my A500 68000 @14 MHZ ACA500 Plus in Expert mode 1MB CHIP and 7 MB Fast.

For the Whdload, I already asked to CFou via mantis an update of the slave to support this latest version.

Best regards,


Thanks for letting CFou know about the update, a new WHDLoader would be awesome.

The minimum required specs may need updating as recent optimizations have improved the speed by a fair chunk, though only made a few quick tests. It should now run on any 68000 cpu (with minor slowdowns in sprite heavy areas) provided you have at least 1MB chip and some extra slow or fast ram.

If anyone has a lower spec machine, please let me know how it runs for you!

thanks,very good game

Awesome game!

The top trees have their bushes doubled.

Hi there. Yeah, it is not 1:1 to the arcade for a variety of reasons, hopefully doesn't affect gameplay much, if at all.

Really nice conversion of the Arcade! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:03:35. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. :-)

Thanks for the update! The port is awesome!

Superb port for the Amiga! 

Thank you very much!

Keep on the excellent work!


This is just a dream!! Congratulation!! Did someone tested it on the A500 mini??

(1 edit)

Thank you for your kind comments! I have not personally tested on the mini but there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't work.

Amazing! I'm going to test it tonight! Btw did you code it in assembly or C ?

Neither! It is made using Erik Hogan's Scorpion Engine, hence the slightly higher recommended requirements.  It is possible to make a specific A500 25fps version but wouldn't be anywhere as smooth. It is under considerations for the future if there is enough demand, no promises though.

CD32 iso coming soon for this?

Not looked into a CD32 iso but will see what I can do for the next update. Thanks.

Congrats from our team! :)


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Many Thanks for Your beautifull conversion game.

Nikosidis has right !!!

The game works correctly on my A500 REV. 6A (ECS) 512k+512k with an ACA500Plus 68000 @14 Mhz  or 21 Mhz (Emulation 1MB CHIP WITH AGNUS 8372A) and 7MB Fast Ram.

I asked to CFOU to remove the restriction about 68020 in His WHDLoad Slave.

But, CFou told me that He can remove the 68020 restriction if You confirm that You don't use some specific instructions for 68020 and More.

Could You confirm that You don't use specific instructions for 68020 ?

Many Thanks,

Best regards,


(1 edit)

Thanks Pascal!

Have left a message with CFou to confirm there is no specific 68020 instruction, the minimum requirements should have been more clear, for which I apologise to all.

Basically any AMIGA that has 1MB chip and 1MB of slow/fast/chip ram along with any cpu clocked to 14MHz or more should have no issues with this current build.


The game do not require 2MB chip. 1MB of chip and 1MB any other RAM will do :) I tried on A500 with 68000@14MHz with 1MB of Chip and 1MB of slow and it runs perfect :)

Good to know, thanks Niko!

Any time my friend :)

Nikosidis has right !!!

The game works correctly on my A500 REV. 6A (ECS) 512k+512k with an ACA500Plus 68000 @14 Mhz  or 21 Mhz (Emulation 1MB CHIP WITH AGNUS 8372A) and 7MB Fast Ram.


Wow, very good conversion, although:

1. I pressed the esc key after reaching world 2 level 4 with so much pain (it's something I managed to do with a single coin on the original arcade), and lost my progress (I was actually trying to ungrab the mouse from UAE on Amiga Forever to save a snapshot), I could not continue afterwards. This made me cry. 

2. Please add a "level selection for the next run" into options, to let people exit the game, go out to take a beer with friends and then restart from the point they reached in the next session (at least from the beginning of the same level, I'd not pretende the exact checkpoint ;-)). The option should act just on the first run after being set, if player does not continue afterwards, he/she should start from level 1 unless he/she uses the same option again.

3. Please check the trampolines' behaviour in the arcade, because I feel it's somehow broken. Shouldn't they make you jump also without pressing the jump button when you use them? 

4.  Can't you cache anything in memory? Loading everything everytime breaks the action. Amiga is a multitasking computer after all, so disk may be accessed also while playing (I'd expect this to be fixed when a WHD image is provided, though)

5. The main difference I found with the arcade is how collision with enemies is managed. Your version is a little more punishing, although more precise (and requires quite more attention to perform the right sequence of moves to avoid/defeat enemies). Rolling stones and jumping frogs are quite more difficult to manage than on the arcade.

For the rest, I can only congratulate with you. 

Thank you for your comments! I'll try my best to answer some of these points, all fair comment.

1. Yes, I really do want to have a confirmation on quit, was hoping no-one would accidently ESC out the game before I added this feature in the next update! . It will be added soon for sure.

2. I certainly had not considered this as an idea but will take the comment on board.  More over, I would ideally like to set the starting level after unlocking it, so to speak, like a trainer of sorts. Again, not as simple to do in Scorpion as sounds. Will try and figure something out in the future as it is an incredibly long and testing platfomer.

3.  Trampolines and frogs have been the bane of my life on this project, honestly! The frogs are more less how I like them but not arcade perfect, in fact the entire port will always fall short of 1:1 but like many ports way back, there were always some compromises. Even the classic Rainbow Island took some liberties ;) Now the springs I have tried many times to refine but always ended up with what we have now, having to push up to push you in the air, which is not so bad when you get used to it. I shall revisit this for sure as it high on my list of things to refine, no promises!

4. I certainly can work out something here, including loading of assets specific to the level to save on chip ram. Running from HDD is certainly recommended for now but is nice it managed to "just" fit onto a single adf.

5. Some minor tweaks are indeed needed, this may not be too difficult to adjust. The game itself has some challenging moments, especially later levels.

Perfect conversion. Thanks :D

At last! Congratulation for the release!

(2 edits)

Awesome game!

ps.:There is an error in the startup-sequence file. This is the content it should have:

Thanks Sabreman, the download has now been updated with correct startup. Thanks also for the awesome video!

Well done AcidBottle, been looking forward to trying this, now might be the perfect time!

Thanks for dropping by hayes, hope you have some fun with it! Will be adding a credit system eventually as its brutally tough!

Awesome game!

wowwww!!! incredible perfection!.... a quick question, i dont have 2 button Joy... is there a way to "jump" with a key from the keyboard maybe? thank you for doing this an make us happy!!!

Thank you for your nice comments, it is a long way off from perfection though!  There has been considerable work taking place to WB since alpha 0.3, including bug fixes. Once the amigamejam is over (approximately 3 weeks from now) I will update the demo to include options for 1 button controllers (up to jump). Apologies for not having this in from the start! Hope you will enjoy the latest version when it arrives.

Ohh!!! thanks for your reply!!! and i will look forward for new updates of your work! I just posted today on IG this jewel of yours! my account @retrogamesba



alpha 3 - gameplay:

Nice vid Saberman, thanks again!

Thanks everyone, appreciate your kind words. If there is anything in particular you would like to see fixed or changed, let me know in the comments.


Great game!